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Garmin Bark Limiter 2 Bark Collar

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Nuisance barking can be a problem for any dog owner. Quality bark collars allow you to automatically, safely, and humanely get your dogs nuisance barking under control. The Bark Limiter 2 by Garmin is our new favorite bark collar. 

What we love most about these collars is that they pair to a smart phone app for increased customization. Using the accompanying app you can make use of some really great features such as the ability to allow several barks before correcting (so your dog only gets corrected if they bark excessively), the ability to check how many times the dog has barked, and the ability to adjust levels right from the app without having to remove the collar. 

Additionally, we love the conductive plastic contact points which allow the collar to be worn for longer periods without the risk of skin irritation. 

Overall, these bark collars are superior to anything else currently on the market, and it is the collar that we currently use for the training dogs in our kennel. 

  • Works right out of the box to help deter nuisance barking — with up to 30-day life on rechargeable battery¹
  • Choose the correction setting or combination that’s right for your dog — tone and vibration or 10 stim levels; fixed correction or Autorise adjusting level optimization
  • Slim, convenient form factor features comfortable plastic contacts in long and short sizes to accommodate thick or short coats
  • Works with the Garmin Canine app on your smartphone² to let you adjust settings and review bark correction data
  • Use with the included black strap, or easily snap onto your dog’s existing collar (up to 1” wide and up to 0.12” thick)