Dynamic 15 foot Long Line

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For years we searched for a high quality slip-lead style long line, and Dog behaviorists Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew came through for us. 
These lines are an ideal training lead for the early stages of training with any dog. The slip-lead style allows them to be placed over the head of any size dog without need to attach to a collar. 15' is a perfect length, allowing you to work the dog in close ranger, or let a little more line out to begin working at a distance. We also love these long lines as the first tool we use for fearful and/or nervous dogs.
  • Smooth and Snag-free 64 Carrier Braiding
  • Latigo Leather Stopper
  • Heavy-duty Brass Hardwear
  • Innovative high-quality rope termination
  • 15 foot length
  • Available in red or blue
  • Engineered to absorb energy and reduce shock load by 30% with our unique "Dynamic" design
  • Can be machine-washed, hung to dry
  • Made in the USA