Pet Convincer

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Finding the right correction for your dog can make a world of difference. One of the more powerful forms of correction that our behavior experts have found is a short burst of compressed air. The Pet Convincer is the ideal tool for this type of correction because it is powerful, compact, and refillable. 
  • The Pet Convincer is a safe, humane and effective tool aimed at instant results for curbing excessive barking, jumping, stealing, digging, disobedience and even aggression.
  • The Pet Convincer was intensively tested and received the seal of approval from leading trainers, veterinarians and pet care professionals for its safety and effectiveness.

*As with any form of correction, caution should be used, especially when first introducing to your dog. Overly agitated dogs can sometimes redirect toward their handler after a correction. For added safety, utilize a Baskerville Ultra muzzle.